The Author

Photo by Sergio Seipke
Photo by Sergio Seipke

I was born in Zapala, Neuquén Province, Argentine Patagonia, in December 1970. At present I live in Puerto Madryn, in the province of Chubut, with my wife and children.

I am a biologist and for more than fifteen years I have devoted part of my time and energy to my great passion: wildlife photography.
I mainly do it because it makes me feel good; I enjoy it. I like being in the field in direct contact with nature, watching animals and trying to “steal” moments of their lives.
Beyond personal satisfaction, I hope that my pictures sensitize and make people aware of the fragility of our natural environment and the need of caring for it.

While at first I only aimed to portray or document what I was seeing, currently I am more interested in the aesthetic aspect of the images. I wish to show a more artistic and personal view of the different situations of the natural world. It’s all about, I think, the search for my own style and what I want to convey.

I hope that when you browse through this site, my pictures will awaken your feelings, inspire, and amuse you. That they may show the beauty and fragility of our world, as I see it in the field when I go after them.

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